25 Jul 2017

25th July 2017 Snot fair!

Tuesday 25th 59F, 15C, heavy overcast and rain with a light breeze. The Head Gardener and I are both suffering from bunged up chests, runny noses, watery eyes and misbehaving ears after a couple of days of spraying, harvesting and ploughing on the fields around us. So buy shares in tissues! According to the DMI there is very little pollen about because of the rain.

Walked the lanes under grey skies before is started raining for most of the day. Still lots of energetic swallows around. A bird of prey has just turned a circle over our back garden before moving on, effortlessly stiff winged.

It seems BMW is to build the Danish billionaire's first electric car. The Tesla was in the Bill Gates price league in Denmark. The electric Mini is to be built in Oxford. Thanks to crippling import taxes the eMini's price in Denmark is likely to interest only oil magnates and there are precious few of them here. Lots of coal magnates though who own or supply [ungreen] power stations. So BMW may sell one or two eMinis in Denmark. Only to those who already own a Lamborghini or Ferrari as the tax-free, company car. Funny they don't ever drive coal fired cars.. isn't it?