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24 Sep 2016

24th September 2016 "He never inhaled!"


Saturday 24th 50F, 10C, calm and bright. 19 miles.

Since I am having such a problem keeping up with other pensioners on their [electric] bikes I'm just going to have to develop asthma symptoms. A few injections of steroids before major "races" should easily fix their speed margin. Glory will be mine again! Provided I stick to organic honey on my sandwiches I can still claim I'm riding "clean." Not much chance of any gold medals, but hey, winning is the best fix there is!  Ask Sir Bradley Wanker.

Ban the UCI. Ban the Olympic Committee. Ban British Cycling. Ban Sky-Cycling. Ban WADA. Ban drug cheats from competition for life! Cheats to return all winnings and all medals for their entire competitive career. No appeals.

Cycling RIP. †

No bløødy flowers!